Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow is fun...

Zoey really enjoyed the first major snowfall of the season.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A hunting I will go

Last week the weather was so nice here in Michigan that I decided to take full advantage and catch up on some much missed squirrel chasing. Every winter squirrels build a nest up high in the tree in my back yard and every summer they come out to torment me, keeping just out of my reach. One of these days I will put an end to their little game...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year people!! Hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year. Did you all party down like I did? And just what did I DO to ring in the New Year you ask? Well...I stole a slurp of beer from Dad's bottle when he wasn't looking, pigged out on puppy treats, watched the big ball of lights drop with my humans, ran around the house barking my head off while Mom and Dad smooched and chewed up one of Mom's old slippers! Not a bad way to bring in 2007, if you ask me. So what did everyone else do??

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Look

"Whatcha looking at..."

Spring today...snow tomorrow

What's going on here? Yesterday it was almost 70 outside and's only 26?!? And the wind is really strong out there. I had to go potty this morning and I almost fell over! I had to be careful not to pee into the wind. Don't need a face full of tinkle! I usually like to spend time outside during the day, but not today. I'm glad Mommy let me stay inside and sleep all day. I'll get up when Dad gets home. He always plays with me after he changes his clothes. It's my favorite time of night, when Dad comes home to play!

Here's a pic of me setting on Dad's lap at his computer desk. I'm a lap puppy and I always get my way. If Dad wont pick me up, I just climb my way up into his lap. Aren't I cute?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too cute pics!

I was sniffing around the blogs and I came across a really cool photo blog. It has all kinds of sweet baby animal pics! LOTS of puppy shots. It was funny to see all the different things we dogs do. We're so darn cute. It's no WONDER our humans can't resist us! If you need a dose of puppy love, click on over to!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nick nack paddy wack...Give your Dog A....PHONE???

Starting today I'm going to blog cool pet toys, gizmos or stories on my blog. Every week I'm going to surf around the net till I find something I think might be interesting to my readers. Well, I think I found something GOOD!
The PetsCell! Now we can talk to Mom and Dad no matter where you are! Some guy in Canada named Cameron Robb invented it. It's a tiny little cell phone we can put around our neck. We can hear Mom and even talk back to her! For a little extra, we can get upgrades with a fiber optic camera and GPS tracing for the high tech dog! To check it all out, trot on over to!

Cookie Monster

Who ate the cookies in my.....cookie jar?!? Oh! That's right. I did!! Mom was doing her thing and I went into the kitchen to sniff at my cookie jar like I always do when I feel I need a treat. Mom keeps my cookie jar on the bench in the kitchen at nose level so I can sniff anytime I like. Today while peering into my jar, I noticed how empty it was getting. Worried about my supply running out, I whined at Mom to come look at the bare jar. Thinking I just wanted a cookie, Mom opened the jar and sat it on the floor for me to get a cookie out. Still worried about the dwindling treats, I sniffed around the cookie jar thinking I might be able to find some more if I tried hard enough. After several checks and sniffs I just decided to take a cookie or two and let Mom and Dad worry about my supply. They wouldn't let me run out of cookies......would they?

To see me raiding the cookie jar, click on the picture above!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Workin' Like a Dog

Phew! I'm POOPED! I've been working all day to update my Blog. It's a lot of work. New links, new posts...takes longer than one might think. I try to keep up to date with everything. I even look for new friends to link to. So please..if you like my Blog, feel free to link to my blog. And if you have a blog or website related to animals, pets, dogs and you'd like me to put a link on my Blog for you, just email me your link and I'll check it out! Don't forget to check out my pics and visitor's map!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Is it Spring yet?

The days are slowly getting longer. The sun gets a little warmer during the day, and I get to spend more time playing outside in the sun. I love spring! So many new smells to sniff out, more people are out walking. And if I'm really lucky, a dog or two will stop by to say 'Hi' as they walk past my yard. Even Freckles, the dog next door, is outside in his pen more these days.

I get bored sitting around the house all day. I play with my toys, chew on my bones and take lots of naps. But when I REALLY get bored, I go looking for Dad to take me out for a nice long walk. All I have to do is look up at him with my big brown eyes and give him my best, 'I love you Daddy!' face, ( See photo) and he smiles and says, ' Why do you have to be so cute?'. It works every time!